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Herein I’ll be sharing tips on the art of communicating clear ideas through many channels and means because that’s what my life has mostly been about. This includes tips on writing fiction, storytelling concepts, writing screenplays, and some communications strategies as gleaned from about fifteen years working as a copywriter in ad agencies.

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The Premise

It’s my belief that, in a very real sense, we create our world and personal realities through the stories we tell – both to ourselves (inner dialogue) and to each other (confirmation). Make no mistake: THIS IS POWERFUL STUFF!

Societies are formed when masses get together and agree upon their “stories,” which determines cultural nuance: view of world history, science, spiritual beliefs – in sum, most of what people ordinarily use to define who they are and where they feel at home.

Storytelling is a phenomenal act with the potential to be full of raw courage and move the world (or at least the heart)  – or make you lighten up for a moment and forget your own tragedies. All the Archetypes are here – in every one of us. That is why seeking/using/hearing stories is so instinctual, why we know it in our guts when we have something good – or if it doesn’t ring true.

Storytelling is empowering. We can tell whatever stories we want, which makes us the Creators here in this world that we all live in, as well as the worlds within that eternally come along for the ride. 

I will be updating and posting with an eye toward quality, not quantity, and promise to keep my articles informative, quick and hopefully helpful. Collaboration is a joy to me, which is why I do what I do, so don’t hesitate to connect. Browse around, leave comments. I’m happy to reply to messages.  Email inquiries to:

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