I offer two levels of editing services: proofreading and the more comprehensive stylistic or content editing.  When providing these services, what I check your manuscript for are as follows:


  • Grammatical errors
  • Letter, sentence, and paragraph spacing
  • Misspelled words
  • Punctuation
  • Typographical errors

STYLISTIC or CONTENT LINE EDITING (includes proofreading, per above, plus):

  • Characterizations
  • Conflict/Tension
  • Description
  • Inconsistencies
  • Pacing
  • Passive Voice
  • Plot
  • Point of view (POV)
  • Scene POV choice and strength
  • Showing or Telling?
  • Dialogue
  • Redundancies
  • Sentence clarity/structure
  • Word choice/repetition
  • Habits of Prose (unconscious, habitual word, dialogue and sentence structure choices)

Unless otherwise agreed, manuscripts are edited with a “Track Changes” feature, which allows you to incorporate or reject editorial changes. If the track feature becomes too burdensome as we go, you’ll be contacted to discuss acceptable alternatives.

Comments are also embedded in the margins on any structural or clarity issues.

Manuscript Formatting Requirements

  • I accept electronic submissions ONLY.
  • Please format your work in 12-point, Times New Roman or Courier font; double-spaced. No extra spaces between paragraphs, and new paragraphs indicated with a 5-space indentation or tab.
  • Create a “Header” in which you enter: Your Last Name/Book Title (five spaces) and the Page Number; aligned together in the upper, right-hand corner of the page.
  • Submit manuscripts as MS Word files (.doc) or Open Office (.odt) files.
  • Send as email attachments to: abmonfort@yahoo.com

Screenplay Formatting Requirements

  • Screenplays submitted for critiques must be Final Draft (.fdt) or Adobe (.pdf) files.
  • No longer than 120-pages

Payment Policies

  • ALL PROJECTS under $300 require prepayment via PayPal before work begins.
  • Line Editing Fiction/Contracts: I work with standard contracts that spell out work to be done, deadlines, credits, and payment agreements. (Your contract may be requested by publishers interested in your work to ensure there are no outstanding claims against it).
  • Fiction & Screenplay Critiques: Prepayment is required before work begins.
  • Line Editing/50% prepaid: once line editing services are under contract, an estimated 50% of the fee is due to begin the work, and the balance is due upon completion. Estimates are based on page length and/or word count. Please contact me for an assessment and bid at: abmonfort@yahoo.com
  • Discounts & Payment Plans: Repeat clients are frequently offered percentage discounts and/or monthly payment arrangements on lengthier works, when needed. Feature manuscripts that I previously critiqued receive an automatic 20% discount on future line editing work.

I track my hours with a time sheet during the course of editing your manuscript, and if the work goes faster, your final balance will be discounted appropriately. Hourly tracking, and discounting my estimates based on actual hours required to complete the editing, is my way of rewarding the writers who really sweat over their self-edits before bringing it to me. (Win+Win)