From Associates, Clients and Collaborators:

Links to those quoted are in their names/etc., should you be interested.

“Brooke Monfort has been in a love affair with stories and films, and those on the path of understanding stories.”

~ Bill Johnson, author of A Story is a Promise” and “The Combat Poets of Maya”

“I contracted with Brooke to read a series of stories from my just-finished collection. One story in particular was about a guy who’d become horribly depressed after losing the love of his life. Brooke liked it and mentioned a scene where the guy is laying in bed at a beach house and there’s this rubber plant scraping on the eaves outside his window. She called to my attention the way that plant was its own character, and also how the sound of it scraping on the eaves imaginatively conjured up loneliness and the fear at the bottom of depression.  The story went on to become an Amazon Shorts bestseller for awhile, and the collection itself was a semi-finalist for the Spokane Fiction Prize. Yes, this is a testimonial. All the stories Brooke worked on she made better.”

~ Mark Ellis, Portland, Oregon author and journalist.

“Brooke was the writer and co-producer on a film I was producing. Her creative genius and dedication to the project made her a great partner in the production. Her ability to craft a story and push through obstacles in pursuit of completion  make her an invaluable asset to any team. I am fortunate to have been able to work with her in the past and hope that the future affords us the opportunity to work together again. I highly recommend Brooke for any writing, editing or production related work. She delivers above and beyond what is required, every time.”

~ Kyra Reed, Social Media Consultant/Producer & Filmmaker

“Alison Brooke Monfort is an amazing editor and writer! She has worked with me on two books, and I find her insights right on target and her prose extraordinary! She is very talented, wise, and efficient, and she does what she promises when she promises… and more. I will certainly use her services again, and suggest others consider her for their projects.”

~ Gary Wimmer, Author of Lithomancy: The Psychic Art of Reading Stones.”

“Brooke worked with a client of mine as Editor of his manuscript. The guy went on and on about how great Brooke was to work with and what a huge difference she made in his project. I referred this client to Brooke because he is a first time novelist and I know that Brooke especially likes to coach new fiction writers. Based on the client’s remarks, Brooke must be as good at Author Coaching as she is at Editing. I will keep Brooke’s Editing and Coaching skills in mind when referring novelists for work on their manuscripts in the future.”

~ Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist

“I tried different editors in the past, but look no more since I met Brooke. She is “the One” for me. Her input is always right on the money and very insightful, but never opinionated; her attention to detail is unmatched. She doesn’t try to change my style, but has a magic touch that turns my rough diamonds into jewels. She edited a number of my screenplays, that later won awards, plus helped me work on my loglines, proposals and queries. Recently, she edited my first novel. It is now being read by an agent.”

Marina Viktoria Giorgii, screenwriter and author of “Blood Matter,” a Noir Crime Thriller.

“Your edits and suggestions were sensitive and right on, and your knowledge invaluable.  I really feel good about the completed work and your role in making it a better piece. Your help has made all the difference. So, thank you again!! Your work has been so meaningful to me, and I am grateful I found you.”  ~ Debra Peebles, Memoir author, Extraordinary Storms, or Remembering Mother