I’ve worked as a writer since 1984.


My initiation into writing professionally came through working as a copywriter in ad agencies and on a freelance basis developing messages and writing materials that maximize ROI through the use of various media channels: TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Brochures, Outdoor (transit boards, POP and billboards), Internet websites and Public Relations efforts. See a small sample hereI’ve won a few awards for my work, too.

 RATE:  $65 hr   Per-project bids also available


I help nonfiction authors by developing solid prospectus materials that help sell their work. For fiction authors, I’ve created treatments and killer queries that open doors. I also guide in the process of establishing the now mandatory online platforms authors need through the smart use of social media. And I’ve developed PR campaigns on gallery openings and writer’s events that garner the desired media response of coverage.

I’ve helped documentary filmmakers by developing treatments that speak to the heart of the story, and writing film prospectus materials with curb appeal that attract investors, crew and interviews. One such effort lived on director Gus Van Zandt’s desk for a month (my client was looking for an executive producer). In the end, he didn’t bite, but the prospectus intrigued him enough that he didn’t toss it directly into his ever-handy slush basket, either. That itself is beating the odds.

RATE:  $45 hr   Per-project bids also available


 Been there/done that. It’s not cheap. But I also don’t charge the typical top dollar.

So if you need a writer on a major project, let’s talk. I can help whether you plan on self-publishing or pursuing traditional publishing routes.

RATE:   Per-project bid Only

Call (512) 939-0447 or email me at abmonfort@yahoo.com to discuss your project.      

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